Out-of-hours emergency

Many dental situations are very unpleasant, but only some are real emergencies!

Medical emergencies include accidents and bleeding that cannot be stopped after a surgical procedure. These require the swiftest possible treatment – even out of hours. Telephone 052 625 23 23 or 044 289 33 07 for information on the relevant emergency service.

Many other situations such as chipped teeth, sudden pain, broken tooth replacements, pressure points, etc., may be extremely unpleasant, but can wait until the next morning.


  • Chipped tooth:
    Find the broken piece and place it in cold water or cold milk.
  • Very loose or displaced tooth:
    Let the situation be and do not move the tooth. Be careful when biting.
  • Tooth fallen out:
    Look for the tooth and only touch it by the crown, not the root. Never clean the tooth, even if it’s dirty. Store in a moist place as soon as possible (see above).

What should I do about toothache?

Try first of all to treat the painful area with warm or cold compresses (you’ll soon work out which one is right for you). If this treatment is not sufficient, take a familiar painkiller. You should not exceed the maximum dose stated in the package leaflet. Medication usually takes time to have its proper effect. Be patient. We’ll be able to help you the next morning at the latest.

Daytime emergency

Give us a call! Tel. 052 625 23 23

We’ll offer you the next available appointment.