We offer a wide variety of treatments covering all areas of dentistry, from preventative treatment, reconstruction and prosthetics to implantology and surgery. We help you to ensure that your treatment is successful in the long term.

General dentistry

The most common condition in general dentistry is tooth decay.

Cosmetic dentistry

Discolouration, misalignment or maladjustment between teeth and gums can be corrected using various methods, such as bleaching, veneers, plastic fillings or small surgical procedures. Thanks to modern software, we can evaluate your cosmetic goal in advance and show it to you.

Hygienist treatment

Regular professional dental hygiene is important to prevent or slow the effect of tooth and gum diseases: nonetheless, you should also perform your own proper daily dental hygiene routine. You can find useful information here.


Using a tray especially adapted for you and a bleaching agent, you can brighten your teeth on your own at home. It’s important that your teeth are professionally cleaned first. Note that plastic fillings, crowns and other reconstructive materials on your teeth cannot be bleached. You can reuse the trays again and again over the years.


This refers to treatment of conditions of the dental nerve (endodont) and/or the tissue around the apex of the tooth (periapex). Thanks to new materials, teeth can be treated in advance and saved. The use of viewing aids such as magnifying glasses and microscopes help uncover tooth structures relevant to a good prognosis that are invisible to the naked eye.


The role of the periodontist is to prevent and treat gum disease. Periodontitis is worsened by plaque, genetic factors, smoking and stress. : You can find more information on gum diseases here.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery comprises all surgical procedures performed as part of dental treatment. This includes normal tooth extractions, surgical tooth extractions (wisdom teeth), lip frenulum procedures, apicoectomy, implants and much more.


Implants are artificial tooth roots that are fixed in the upper or lower jawbone. The tooth replacement is fixed to these implants.

Reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive dentistry comes into play when teeth are severely damaged or even missing. Using the latest technology, we can replace all or part of the tooth. The digital procedure ‘Cerec AC’ is one of our strengths. Most treatments can be performed in just one appointment. Physical moulds and temporary appliances are not required. Only anaesthesia is necessary. The pieces used are ultra-precise and made from a quality, attractive and long-lasting material. Affordable pricing arrangements can be made.

Treatment for tooth grinding

Severe grinding or pressure can cause strain on one or both mandibular joints of the jaw. This often results in tension headaches and other acute or chronic muscular conditions. The tooth material that is lost in the process may eventually need to be replaced.

We help you get this issue under control.

Children’s dentistry

Negative experiences at the dentist can have an impact that lasts a lifetime. That’s why our youngest patients are those who matter most. Children need lots of time, sensitivity and patience.


Privat tariff point 1.08
UV/MV/IV tariff point 1.00
KVG tariff point 3.10

More information on dental charges can be found on the website of the Swiss Society of DentistsSSO.

Treatment charge


Any appointments, including those of new patients or first visits, are binding. If the appointment is not canceled 48 hours (2 working days, Saturday and Sunday are not considered working days) in advance, costs will be incurred. So that we can look for a replacement, a possible appointment is best canceled 48 hours in advance at 08.00 am. If the appointment can be given to someone else, there will be no costs. We always carry out a credit check for new patients and regularly for existing patients via the CRIF platform.


Depending upon the credit check new patients might have to bring a deposit of 300 SFr.

Payment in instalments

You can make payment in a maximum of three interest-free instalments.